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Fangram is a social media feature that appears in Living with Beth. The feature is unlocked at level 6, and allows you to see what your "contacts" (characters you have met through the game) are up to. The more characters you meet, the more Fangram feeds you are able to view. As you gain fans, you reach different ranks. Reaching different ranks give you different awards. Below is a complete list of the Fangram ranks and prizes awarded at each rank.

Fangram Ranks

  • 0 - 600 fans: Online Noob
  • 600 - 2.5k fans: Moving on Up
  • 2.5k - 5.5k fans: Tiny Star
  • 5.5k - 20k fans: Internet Famous
  • 20k - 45.5k fans: Lindsay Lohan-famous
  • 45.5k - 75k fans: Internet Star
  • 75k - 115k fans: Internationally Famous

Fangram Rewards

  • Online Noob - 1 Crown (in-game currency) & Fangram Cap
  • Moving on Up - Fangram Handbag
  • Tiny Star - Panda Bear (placeable in homes)
  • Internet Famous - Panda Cushion (placeable in homes)
  • Lindsay Lohan-famous - Panda-Print Dress
  • Internet Star - Fangram Rug (place-able in homes)
  • Internationally Famous - 5 Crowns (in-game currency) & Panda-Print Wallpaper