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A big part of Living with Beth involves you leveling up your character so you can progress through your career, unlock new content and generally move along the main storyline. There are also certain ranks you gain when you reach a certain level. Below is a complete list.

  • 1 - 6: Noob
  • 6 - 14: Catalog Model
  • 14 - 22: Billboard Model
  • 22 - 30: Well Known
  • 30 - 41: Supermodel
  • 41 - 52: Diva
  • 52 - 63: Little Ms/Mr Popular
  • 63 - 75: Drama Queen/King
  • 75 - ?: TBA

Collecting XP

XP, also known as Experience Points. can be collected through completing quests, achievements, interacting with other players and through purchasing certain items. As of Patch 15, another 10 levels have been added, but with no new title(s).

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